Still very far alpha version. But it can already read GPS data from any serial sevice. Also it will be able to use the OpenStreetMap data, which can be downloaded or converted form inside the programm. For more informations go to http://sposmroute.gulpe.de.


For Android phones, you can use your gpssignal from your cellphone over bluetooth on any other device you want.

spwebcam - version 1.0

This webcam program can only read images from v4l and v4l2 devices and saves the image on a defined position. I included basic support for both V4L-API versions.

gMuehle - version 0.3

The broad game Muml&hle with computer player, network player and two local player support. The game is written with the GTK api. So it should be able to port it to windows if someone wants to add windows support to the network code.


Java Tetris game for the most cellphones. I could only test it some serval Nokia, Siemens and Sony cellphones. But it should run on almost every other cellphone with Java support on it.


comparing two directorys but to save some time, there will be no compare of the file itself. (only time and size are checked) If there are differences, the files can be copied to the destination. If the files do not exsist on the source they can be deleted from the source.

Fritzbox 7390 There is a compilat for the fritzbox and one shell script to show how i use it on the firtzbox to backup my NAS to a connected USB hard drive. You will find there also some other programms which i use on the FB7390.